Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

2oz Urine substitue lab created to mimic human urine



quick fix synthetic urine plus 6.2 bottle plus

Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine

3oz Lab created unisex urine substitute.



Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Value Pack

Quick Fix Urine Value Pack

4 Quick Fix 2oz for the price of 3




Quick Fix Plus Urine Value

4 Quick fix plus 3oz for the price of 3



Quick Test Plus Home Test Kit

Quick Test Plus Home Kit

One control synthetic urine sample and two 10 panel test kits



Quick Test

Two ten panel drug test to test your urine



Stash Undies

Store Quick Fix Urine In a Secure Hidden Front Pocket


Synthetic Urine Belt

An Adjustable elastic belt for concealed storage and use of fake urine products.




The Stash Strap

An adjustable nylon strap for concealed carry of fake urine products




Quick Clear Detox Drink

Naturally cleanse you urine of all toxins for up to six hours


Sticky Heat Pad

A sticky heat pack that attached to Fake Urine to maintain the urine at a body tempreature for up to 6 hours.