Quick Fix Plus Urine Value

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Is your stash of Quick Fix getting low? Stock up and save by grabbing our Quick Fix Plus Urine Value Pack! In this bundle, you’ll get 4 bottles of Quick Fix Plus for the price of 3. If you’re using Quick Fix on the regular, this value pack will guarantee your wallet stays fat and the golden showers keep on flowing!

Every bottle of Quick Fix Plus comes with 3 ounces of the highest quality synthetic urine on the market. Crafted with all the same ingredients as organic, human urine, the Quick Fix formula contains the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, urea, uric acid, and creatinine. Plus, it’s even properly balanced for specific gravity (density) and pH. It even looks like pee and foams when you shake it! The best part? Because it doesn’t contain any harmful bacteria or toxins, it can be used as a substitute for your own pee for some cleaner and safer wet sex fun! When you use Quick Fix to feed your fetish, you don’t have to worry about transmitting diseases to your loved ones.

Quick Fix is so similar to actual urine that, even though it’s intended to only be used for novelty and fetish purposes, many urine testing laboratories will use Quick Fix to calibrate their urinalysis equipment! Because it’s nearly identical to real pee, but is guaranteed to be 100% toxin free, Quick Fix makes for the perfect control sample for urine experiments. Spectrum Labs, the manufacturers of Quick Fix Plus, are so committed to providing the most realistic urine replica available, they continue to update the formula to always stay ahead of urine testing standards. If it’s good enough to pass for piss in a lab, it’s sure to be the perfect alternative for some wet and wild piss play!

Each bottle of Quick Fix has an attached temperature strip to help you determine when your synthetic urine is at body temperature. Simply heat a bottle of this liquid gold in a microwave for 10 seconds and the temperature strip will show you a reading between 94-100 degrees. If you need to keep your sample warm for awhile, just attach the hand warmer that comes with your bottle of Quick Fix using the included rubber band. This will keep your urine at body temperature for up to 8 hours when stored in a pocket or purse - you’ll always be ready to let it flow at a moment’s notice! Before you empty the liquid where you need it most, just give the bottle a shake to get it foaming, double check the temperature strip to make sure it shows between 94-100 degrees, open the flip-top cap, and spray away!

Since it was introduced to the market over 26 years ago, Quick Fix has been used and trusted by millions of satisfied customers. Every bottle is pretested in a laboratory and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Replenish your Quick Fix stash and save a chunk o’ change by snagging this discounted bundle today!

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