Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

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Looking for the highest quality synthetic urine? Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the most trusted and most widely used fake pee on the market - and for good reason. Developed by Spectrum Labs over 26 years ago, Quick Fix has satisfied millions of customers and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The best part? The Quick Fix formula has continued to be updated to make sure it’s always ahead of laboratory testing standards. When you choose Quick Fix, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the most lifelike, human urine substitution available!


Although intended for novelty and fetish uses, Quick Fix is so close to the urine your body produces that urine testing equipment can’t even tell the difference! In fact, many laboratories will use Quick Fix as a squeaky clean substitute for actual urine because it acts as the perfect control sample for experiments and calibrating urinalysis devices. Because Quick Fix is nearly identical to human urine, it passes for piss every time - even under the closest inspection in a lab! But, because it doesn’t contain any of the harmful toxins or bacteria you’d expect to find in organic urine, it provides a cleaner, safer alternative for all your urine fetish needs! Complete with the perfect balance of creatinine, specific gravity, urea, uric acid, pH, and several other chemical compounds commonly found in real pee, Quick Fix urine can be used anywhere you need an alternative for your own whiz. It even looks like pee and foams when you shake it!



Each 2oz bottle of Quick Fix comes pre-mixed, so you don’t have to mix up a dehydrated or concentrated synthetic urine sample. Simply get your Quick Fix to body temperature and you’ll be ready to give the most lifelike golden shower experience. To heat, shake the bottle, remove the flip-top cap, and microwave your fake pee for 10 seconds, or until the attached temperature strip shows you a reading between 94-100 degrees. Delivering your urine sample at body temperature is vital to pulling off a realistic urination simulation. If you need to keep your urine warm for awhile, each bottle of Quick Fix comes with a heat pack you can attach to the bottle (on the opposite side from the temperature strip) using the included rubber band. This will keep your fake pee at body temperature for 6-8 hours when stored in a pocket or purse. When you’re ready to deliver your fake whiz, give the bottle one last shake to get it foaming, double check that the temperature strip reads between 94-100, open the flip-top cap, and empty the contents wherever you need ‘em most!


Each bottle of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is pretested in a lab to assure its quality and every batch comes with a 2 year shelf life. Plus, unlike other synthetic urines on the market, this fake pee can be reheated as many times as you need! If you’re in need of a urine substitute, there’s truly no better option. Grab a bottle today, or get a hefty discount by snagging our Quick Fix Urine Value Pack (buy 3 bottles, get 1 free)!



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