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Do you have a secret stash but don’t know where to store it? Pick up a pair of Stash Undies! These comfortable underwear are an amazing innovation that include a separate, secret front pocket that can be used to store just about anything! Whether you’re traveling the world, enjoying a wild concert with a busy crowd, or transporting a bottle of synthetic urine to your drop-off location, the Stash Undies can boost your stealth game and make sure your stash secret stays on the down low!

The Stash Undies come in 3 sizes (medium: 32”-34”, large: 36”-38”, and extra large: 40”-42”) and are all black. They don’t have any branding on them, so no one will ever be suspicious of what you might be hiding. Plus, you can wear and wash them just like you would your normal underwear. Machine wash cold, only use non-chlorine bleach when needed, hang to dry or tumble dry on low, don’t use fabric softener, and don’t iron.

The dedicated front pocket of the Stash Undies was designed to perfectly fit a bottle of Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine so you can discreetly transport your fetish urine to your wet sex destination and pull it out to let it flow from a realistic location. Sure, you could store your fake pee in your pocket, but that’s one bulge that will definitely get people’s attention - which is not something you want when attempting to pull off a sexy, golden shower simulation. You could also store synthetic urine in your sock or bra, but having hot liquid pressed up against your skin for hours can get very uncomfortable. Another option is to just store your fake whiz in a backpack or purse, but nothing ruins the mood quicker than having to run to the other room to snag your bottle of imitation piss. Just get yourself a pair of Stash Undies and you’ll be all set!

Although specifically designed for storing and transporting synthetic urine, the possibilities are truly endless! These stealth underwear can be used to store your passport, keys, wallet, condoms, chapstick, gum, cash, or just about anything else you can think of! They’re great to wear when traveling or hitting up concerts and festivals because they’ll allow you to keep your belongings safe, secure, and stashed away secretly.

Keep your stash discreet - get yourself a pair of Stash Undies. Or, if transporting goodies in your underwear doesn’t sound like your thing, check out The Stash Strap - a neoprene pocket that wraps securely and comfortably around your thigh to let you transport your synthetic urine (or just about anything else) with absolute secrecy.

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