Synthetic Urine Belt

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Looking for an easy and comfortable way to stash, store, and transport your stash of fake piss? The Synthetic Urine Belt is just the thing you need to keep your synthetic secret on the down low. This unisex synthetic urine delivery device is truly a one-of-a-kind innovation designed to help you pull off the most realistic golden shower experience.



The Synthetic Urine Belt is an empty, vinyl bag that you can fill with your favorite brand of synthetic urine (or any other liquid you’d like). This bag is attached to a cotton, elastic belt which can be comfortably secured around your waist or chest - whichever feels the most comfortable to you. Attached to the medical grade “piss pouch” is a small tube which allows you to easily dispense your sample of fake pee using just one hand (many other synthetic urine delivery devices require the use of two hands to get the flow started). This tube extends from the bag and can be used to simulate a realistic urination experience when you place the end of the tube between your legs and activate the silent push-button valve. Similar devices on the market often make a “click” sound when activating the flow of synthetic urine, but the Synthetic Urine Belt offers a completely noise-free experience so nobody will ever be suspicious that you’re faking it. Keep in mind, though, the push-button valve is only silent when opening - not closing. So, when you’re done delivering your golden shower, leave the location before closing the valve so you don’t ruin the mood.



The Synthetic Urine Belt comes with 1 belt unit, 1 sticky heat pack, 1 temperature strip to let you know when your sample is at body temperature, and 1 medical grade syringe to help you fill the pouch with whichever liquid you’d like. Essentially, the Synthetic Urine Belt is empty urine belt that doesn’t come with any synthetic urine, it's the lowest priced product of its kind! Plus, since it doesn’t come with any fake pee, you’re free to fill the piss pouch with your favorite brand of synthetic urine (we recommend Quick Fix Plus - it’s the world’s most widely used and trusted brand of fake piss). The best part is that the Synthetic Urine Belt is made from high quality materials and designed to be reusable. When you stock up on fake pee and heat packs, you’ll be able to let it flow time and time again! Simply follow the included instructions for filling, wearing, using, and cleaning your Synthetic Urine Belt and you’ll be whizzin’ like a pro!



If you’re into synthetic urine and wanna step up your golden shower simulation game, The Synthetic Urine Belt is a must have! Just don’t forget to stock up on Quick Fix and heat packs!