The Stash Strap

$24.95 $19.95

If you’re getting wet and wild with synthetic urine on the regular, the Stash Strap is sure to be your new favorite fake whiz accessory! Designed to perfectly hold a 3oz bottle of Quick Fix Plus, this nifty little strap fits snugly, but comfortably, around your thigh to keep your synthetic secret on the down low. If you need a way to store and transport your synthetic urine stash discreetly, the Stash Strap is the perfect solution for you!

The Stash Strap is a high quality band with a built in pocket for storing your synthetic urine (or anything else you’d like to store safely and discreetly). It’s super simple to keep clean and it will last you for years to come! Made out of neoprene, the strap is super stretchy and will fit around most leg sizes easily. And, unlike similar products, once you’ve secured your synthetic urine stash in place around your leg, the strap won’t ever slip down your thigh!

Delivering your synthetic urine at body temperature is very important to pulling off a believable golden shower simulation. The Stash Strap’s neoprene pocket will actually help keep your synthetic urine warm for longer than if you were to conceal it in your pocket. Not to mention, storing a bottle of fake pee in your pocket can often look very suspicious to others. Many people choose to transport their fake pee to their “drop off location” by stashing it in their bra or sock - but this can become very irritating after just a short period of time. The Stash Strap provides a much more comfortable alternative to having a bottle of hot piss pressed directly up against your skin for hours on end. If you want to make sure your synthetic whiz is discreetly concealed, but still easy to get to in a flash, the Stash Strap is definitely the way to go!

Even though the Stash Strap was specifically designed for storing and transporting a bottle of synthetic urine, it can also be used to hold just about anything else you can fit in it! You can use the pocket to store your wallet, ID, passport, or cash while traveling and, if you go to a lot of concerts and music festivals, the Stash Strap will definitely come in handy! Any time you need to keep your valuables close to your body, put on your Stash Strap and you’ll be stealthy af.

When it comes to delivering synthetic golden showers, you never know when you’ll need to put on a piss performance. With the Stash Strap, you’ll always be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Get your own Stash Strap today and you’ll be able to discreetly (and comfortably) pull off the perfect golden shower simulation!